It's Your Day

It’s more than transportation. It’s a statement. It’s uniquely you. A horse-drawn carriage at a wedding is so much more than a way to get from point A to point B. A horse-drawn carriage provides an atmosphere and ambiance of romance and nostalgia, yet is still chic, modern and distinctive. Your guests will talk about it long after the clip clop of horse hooves can be heard. How to utilize a horse-drawn carriage at your wedding is only limited by your imagination. Make a statement by arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. Spend some quiet time together by departing in a horse-drawn carriage. Let your guests partake in the experience by having the carriage give rides during your reception. Threejays Carriages has even had our gorgeous horses and carriage inside ballrooms, including one on the third floor of a four-star hotel! Imagine all the amazing pictures the photographer will get using the horses and carriage as a beautiful compliment to the stunning couple. Choose a horse-drawn carriage for your wedding, because you can’t hug a limousine. 

Indian Weddings

Threejays Carriages has many years of experience working with South Asian and Indian weddings. Our gorgeous, tall, white horse is calm and completely comfortable with all the sights and sounds during the Baraat. Drums, loud music, dancing and clapping are part of the celebration, and our horse is not concerned with any of it. The groom can enjoy his time because, after all, it’s his day so it should go his way. In addition to our amazing white horse decorated in a red and gold costume from India, we can provide a horse-drawn carriage for any of the wedding ceremonies.